Guchhi (Morel Mushrooms)


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India doesn’t have many super-expensive luxury foods but there is one product that is staggeringly expensive and yet is so unique and delicious and that mushrooms from the Himalayas known as gucchi, which may be a hill dialect term for mushrooms, but is also an entirely appropriate name given their luxury price. Gucchi mushrooms cannot be cultivated commercially and instead they grow wild only in some regions like the Kangara Valley, Jammu and Kashmir, Kinnaur, Manali, and other parts of Himachal Pradesh after the snowfall period.


The guchhi has a strong flavor that has to come out on its own, hence cooking with strong spices is not advisable. The way to do justice to its flavor and cost is to cook gently, in its own water, perhaps sautéed with tomatoes to make a pulao This is the only way to retain the earthy aroma. It can be used to prepare a number of delicacies.

Health Benefits:

  • Good source of protein, copper, potassium, zinc, selenium, and B vitamins.
  • Also low in fiber-rich, saturated, and unsaturated fats.
  • A Powerful Antioxidant.
  • Strengthens The Immune System.
  • Supports Heart Health.
  • Fights Cancer.
  • Good For Diabetes.
  • Makes Blood.
  • Supports Liver Health.
  • Source Of Vitamin D.

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